Why the name "Teaching Factory, Inc?"

We teach our employees to become full owners of their own high-performance machine shops. Well-motivated employees work better and faster, and our graduates expand the US aerospace manufacturing base, enhancing the military and economic security of our great country.

World Class Manufacturing

Precision CNC machining

Our Three Mills
Precision-drilled Ring FittingsDurable Structural Mounting Assembly
Steel Engine FittingMilitary Electronics Mounting Board
Round Aluminum Mounting Face

Laser engraving

Etched Equipment Label Long Interface PanelLaser-lettered Instrumentation Faceplate


Illustration of

Plasma Cutting

Large Shipment of

Aircraft Tire Inflation Booths

Durable Electronics Enclosure of a

24 to 12V DC Voltage Reducer for Use on Military Vehicles.

Our new Okuma MB-46VAE

Jeff and Our Okuma at Work
Example of Complex Curves
Illustration of X, Y, Z CNC Axes and a

Cast-Iron Frame with Zero Overhang.

Why Okuma?

The Okuma MB-46VAE is a cutting-edge CNC platform. The MB-46VAE drives oversized servo motors and lead screws on its massive, temperature-controlled, and fixed-bridge-style frame to maintain consistent production accuracy.